The Compassionate Mother, Sri Sarada Devi

The Compassionate Mother, Sri Sarada Devi

By Swami Tanmayananda, 387 pages, Paperback.

Based largely on the Bengali book by Br. Akshaya Chaitanya, which was the first biography of the Mother.

The purpose of the book is to present the life of the Mother with emphasis on the manifestation of Her Divinity, Grace and Motherliness, illustrated by many incidents from her life. She lived like an ordinary village woman, seldom giving any opportunity for people to peep into her Divine personality. Only a few fortunate ones, who were very close to her, could get a glimpse of it. Sri Ramakrishna knew who she was. He said about her: "She is Saraswati, the Goddess of knowledge, who has come to impart wisdom; but this time she has come completely hiding herself as an ignorant woman." Swami Vivekananda knew her Divinity. He called her, "The Living Goddess Durga."

A diligent reading of this book, which is mostly in conversational form, will unmistakably reveal her simplicity, patience, power of endurance, compassion and concern for others. It also focuses on her active habits, service, motherly love and grace bestowed on devotees. Many qualities, both human and Divine, can be seen.