Book of Daily Thoughts and Prayers

Book of Daily Thoughts and Prayers
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By Swami Paramananda, 405 pages, Paperback.

Many are the books we read simply for diversion. A few hold our interest or attention only once, while some we may reread. But rare is the book which becomes a companion for us throughout life. Scriptures and classics, whatever their language, claim immortality because these speak not merely to man's mind or intellect, but primarily to his soul, awakening true spiritual awareness.

For more that half a century this book has found its way unobtrusively into the hands of innumerable readers. Throughout the 365 days of the year it gives guidance or stimulus, comfort or admonition, sustenance or insight to the genuine aspirant who seeks to practice his religion, whatever that may be, in his daily life. Each page, containing a salient thought, a poetic verse, a lesson, and a spontaneous prayer, testifies to the author's inspired life and teachings.